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Natalie Newhart

Hi, I'm Nat! Over the past 18 years, I've had the privilege of helping thousands of people feel their absolute best mentally, emotionally, and physically. I'll be the first to admit, prioritizing my own well-being wasn't always at the top of my list. Initially, it was all about chasing external achievements and pushing myself to excel in every aspect of life. Taking a moment to pause and care for myself didn't come naturally. But along with that drive came some valuable lessons. As a former pro athlete, I've experienced firsthand the challenges of finding balance and maintaining well-being. I've grappled with health issues, food struggles, and the overwhelming pressure to perform... often finding myself with anxiety and burnout. It took some serious soul-searching, including traveling the globe, learning from wise mentors, and challenging my own habits, to realize that my relentless ambition was actually holding me back from true health and vitality. Now, I'm here to share what I've learned. Let's work together to rediscover balance, deep health, and inner peace – because you deserve to feel your best, too.