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Brooke Barry

17 January 2024
This place is fantastic! I got a punch pass for the Infread sauna. It's by far the best deal I've come across especially in Summitt County. I went to a sound bath here that was also awesome. We really needed this around here. The owner is super nice and accommodating. I highly recommend checking it out:)

Joe Wolff

14 November 2023
I was visiting Summit County for the second time this year, and had heard about Mountain Wellness Collective from a close friend the first time I visited. I could tell quite rapidly via the way the space was set up, and in interactions with both employees and other regular visitors that everything about this collective was positively intentioned. Those positive intentions are ones we all ought to strive toward, which are that of the collective desire to feel better physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, amongst other things. Firstly, I took the "Adult Striking Class" that is currently offered once a week at MWC. Having been an athlete for 20 years and consistently engaged in some form strength and/or conditioning training my entire life up until this point, I had confidence in my ability to deal with the physical requirements of the class. That being said I had zero prior experience in martial arts, even in the form of taking a single class, so it was the mental hurdles of learning something entirely new even in my young adulthood, that I was most attentive to. Class instructor Guilhem demonstrated the essential movements, practices, and associated techniques in a way that were accessible and palatable even to an absolute novice like myself. He demonstrated expert level knowledge and skill as one would expect, and gave individualized attention and resolute patience to each class participant throughout the entire two-hour session. Despite frequent frustration with some of the more challenging and complicated movements/skills, he remained persistent in his instruction. Jesse, Owner/Founder of MWC was present during the class I took as well. Jesse has previously competed in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and thus was quite capable in assisting Guilhem in parts of his instruction. This gave off a strong sense of the confidence that Jesse believed in the both the competence and ability of the practitioners that used the space that MWC had to offer, as well as the effectiveness behind the teaching of this material. The next day, I made use of the red light therapy bed available at MWC. This was a type of therapy I had only a cursory amount of familiarity with. Before engaging in this therapy, Jesse spent no less than 10 minutes educating me about the benefits and what current research says about red light therapy. It should be noted that the best benefit from therapies such as this are yielded over the course of consistent treatments. For people who live within reasonable proximity to MWC, this is very possible to achieve. What seems like something that started from humble beginnings and is still in the early stages of growth, Mountain Wellness Collective's current operation is indicative of something positive and forward thinking. Optimization of the human body through a host of different wellness therapies, practices, and techniques is about as positive of an endeavor as I can come up with, and this sort of outlet ought to have a place in communities of all shapes, sizes, and make-up. Get yourself to MWC I guarantee you will find something that will either enhance your journey toward better health and wellness or even kickstart it from the beginning entirely.

Andrea Reilly

12 September 2023
What a great and holistic experience! I have been visiting Mountin Wellness Collective for rehabilitation for a knee injury (acl, mcl, and meniscus tears), and have found several of their services to be beneficial. I have found myself using their infrared therapy bed most frequently. Infrared therapy has helped me with pain reduction, wound healing, and regeneration of collagen. All of these aspects of infrared therapy have accelerated my healing. The space is very well appointed, cleaned well, has fans, aromatherapy while in the light bed, and water available. I have also used Mountain Wellness Collective's Thai Massage and found it to be a great experience, like visiting my PT but more healing and relaxing. I really appreciate how Mountain Wellness Collective makes an effort to address all the aspects of healing, and will continue to use their services post-knee recovery.

Kelly Creech

28 March 2023
My kids have thoroughly enjoyed taking children’s self- defense classes with Jesse! He is a great teacher and has a great space for classes!


14 December 2022
Recently had the opportunity to stop by and take a few martial arts striking classes while in town. Glad I did. Very welcoming atmosphere! The instructor Will was great to train with and very thorough with the classes. Definitely be back!

Jenna Olson

14 December 2022
In meeting with and collaborating with Jesse (and others )at The Mountain Wellness Collective, I have nothing but appreciation for everything Jesse has put together. I’ve been blessed to start to become part of this collaboration… and inspired by Jesse, his openness, kindness, thoughtfulness… and above all…all of his positive energy. I’ve been able to watch him work directly with others in his training class, and he does an amazing job connecting with the individuals…truly finding how to communicate a martial art, with anyone is a task.. but he does it so well… And you can see it and feel it from the individuals he works with. I have to say, even with myself… as a new practitioner to the space.. We work in similar genres.. but have unique approaches.. exactly how to explain it…I don’t know. Because wellness is a journey and it’s an energy and it’s a path…something you just FEEL…and And you can see it…feel it here.. you can’t explain it…but it’s there. It’s the whole combination of the physical, mental, emotional time that goes into a wellness center…but the time that goes into each person..that… That work that helps provide balance in a very unbalanced word (and several additional practitioners who work there are doing exactly that to provide their best to everyone as well). Affordable sustainable self care in a way that you decide what YOU NEED.. and..well… You’d be missing out, if you didn’t take time to meet with and work with and simply, relax, enjoy, meditate, red light, infrared sauna, massage, detox foot bath, jujitsu martial arts, striking-physical therapy-self care, work out but you are there for you..we are just here to help. Enjoy everything… , detox, cleanse…breathe, meditate enjoy a massage one on one coaching or… Just take time for YOU. For yourself..find your true center and enjoy..everything you will gain from your experience at The Mountain Wellness Collective. I wish fitness and physical, emotional and mental health opportunities accessible to everyone.

halie sales

12 December 2022
Jesse is an awesome teacher and has a great vision for the space!

Salina Roberta

12 December 2022
I’m currently enjoying the mixed martial arts class and am impressed by the instructors and class content. Very grateful for a welcoming energy even though I am a beginner.

courtney burnside

12 December 2022
Best gym I’ve been to. Owner is the nicest guy who truly wants to help everyone to make their health journey

Mackenzie Stein

12 December 2022
I've really enjoyed the range of classes offered here. High quality instruction in a supportive environment. Recommend checking out the striking/self defense classes.

Eric Brown

12 December 2022
Great place to have fun while learning new skills in a conducive atmosphere.

Sander Turpin

12 December 2022
The amount of attainable skills and knowledge at this establishment is mind blowing! Business model offers so many choices of education and classes. The striking class is by far the most engaging martial arts/self defense class I’ve been involved with. The staff are very warm and welcoming! Not a bad place to make friends!

C Taylor

12 December 2022
Excellent space providing Summit County opportunities that most places cannot offer. Worth checking out.

Y Zlmopw

12 December 2022
Great vibes, amazing classes!!