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Martial Arts Classes

Jiu-jitsu Instruction

Classes are designed for beginner to intermediate levels of the modern form of jiu-jitsu. A narrowed topic will be introduced at the start of each month and reviewed and expanded upon in subsequent sessions. Open rolling will be available for experienced students, when time permits. Some classes are taught in the traditional Gi (or Kimono) which are available to borrow for new students.

Students new to the art and/or dojo must schedule a separate intro session before attending their first class. Intros may be scheduled in the hour leading up to any class. Alternatively, attendance of any of our Self Defense Seminars satisfies this requirement.

Customizable group and one-on-one instruction from introductory to advanced levels. This class includes traditional applications and elements of judo and wrestling but primarily follows the Brazilian art of jiu-jitsu.

  • Duration
    1.5 hrs
  • Items To Bring
    Gi, Rash Guard, Water Bottle